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Gimme Kraft Trailer.

Gimme Kraft Teaser.

Gimme Kraft author & coach Patrick Matros & climbing phenom Alex Megos!.

Sasha DiGiulian. "Pure Imagination" 5.14d (9a). from Adidas Outdoor on Vimeo.

  • Youth climbers train hard...to stay healthy and climb harder!
  • Thanks to Big Up for this preview of Sharma's latest project (just sent at 15b!)
  • Sharma sending Realization (5.15a)
  • Wolfgang Gullich (1980s training)
  • Sektor Gullick
  • Catherine Destivelle climbing Supercrack
  • Lynn Hill (on patience)
  • Lynn and Katie on Leaning Tower
  • Bishop or Bust...
  • Deep Water Soloing
  • Specimen Trailer

    Old Podclimber Interview with Eric Hörst (2006)
    1. Opening, 2. Smith Rock, 3. Eric's Books, 4. Performance Pie , 5. Traveling West , 6. Training 4 Climbing, 7. Plastic, 8. Antagonists, 9. Balance, 10. Kids, 11. Heroes, 12. #1 Training Tip,

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