The best-selling book on training for climbing just got better!

Updated, expanded, and redesigned, the second edition of Training for Climbing builds on the best-selling first edition of this breakthrough text. Eric J. Hörst continues his tradition of melding leading-edge sport science and his thirty-plus years of climbing and coaching experience to create a unique and compelling book packed with practical how-to and what-to-do information.

This new edition includes expanded chapters on training technique, improving mental skills, and developing muscular strength and endurance. A new chapter on general conditioning leads into the seminal chapters on climbing-specific strength training and developing personalized training programs for maximal results. Dozens of stunning color photos depict the exercises and techniques, while the addition of many training-tip summary boxes makes for a quick review of key points.

Training for Climbing also includes chapters on the vital, yet often overlooked subjects of self-assessment, performance nutrition, accelerating recovery, and injury prevention—topics that have received scant or no coverage in other climbing books. Chapter after chapter this book is entertaining, ideal-packed, and inspirational. Read it, and you’ll see why tens-of-thousands of climbers in over 50 counties have made this their training guide of choice.

Let Hörst’s passion for climbing and his exploration of the boundaries of personal performance help you achieve your personal best!

You may be wondering how Training for Climbing differs from the Conditioning for Climbers book?

Conditioning for Climber is the most complete exercise book for climbers ever written. It details more exercises for climbers than any other book on the planet, but it does NOT cover any other aspects of climbing performance. 200+ pages and full color photos.

Training For Climbing is a far more comprehensive text, covering technique training, mental training, strength training, sports science, performance nutrition and recovery, injury treatment and much more. This 300-page, full-color tome is the ultimate reference book that you will go to for tips and advice throughout your climbing career.

I believe most people will discover that both are highly valuable, must-read books!


Training for Climbing, 2nd Ed.
The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance

by Eric J. Hörst

($24.95, 304 pages, 100+ color photos, Release date: September 15, 2008)

Chapter 1:
An Overview of Training for Climbing

Chapter 2:
Self-Assessment and Goal Setting

Chapter 3:
Mental Training

Chapter 4:
Training Technique & Skill

Chapter 5:
Theory & Methods of Strength Training

Chapter 6:
General Conditioning Exercises

Chapter 7:
Climbing-Specific Exercises

Chapter 8:
Designing Your Training Program

Chapter 9:
Performance Nutrition

Chapter 10:
Accelerating Recovery

Chapter 11:
Injury Treatment & Prevention


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