Dear Friends! Though we may have never met, we are connected through our shared passion for climbing. Over the last 35 years I have "talked training" with thousands of climbers and I'm proud to have helped tens-of-thousands of individuals around the world improve their climbing through my books, magazine articles, seminars, and this web site.

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How to Keep Your Cool on a Challenging Climb 3 strategies for regaining control in the midst of a difficult route. Read on >>

Overcoming the Fear of Failure Fear of failure wields tremendous power over climbers who possess an unbending need for success. Ironically, the fear of failure tends to produce failure because it leads to a tight, timid approach of trying not to blow it. Read on >>

Slowing the Pump Clock: Three Strategies to Prevent the Pump Training to get stronger is a good thing. Climbing in ways that conserve energy and enable more rapid recovery is a smart thing! Read on >>

5 Strategies to Sharpen Concentration and Climb Better!) Knowing the importance of concentration to effective risk management and optimal performance, it’s essential that you step onto the vertical stage armed with techniques to fortify mental focus. Developing unbreakable concentration, however, takes a long-term commitment to gather and maintain focus every time you climb. Read on >>

Kid Crushers – An Overview of Training for Youth Climbers So what is the best way for a youth climber to train, and what can a coach or parent do to foster a youngster’s interest in climbing, while at the same time keeping it safe and fun? Obviously, youths cannot simply be treated as “little adults,” who are given a proportionally less serving of an adult training program... Read on >>

6 Enemies of Concentration (and Peak Performance!)Researchers have compared successful and less-successful performers and determined that the ability to maintain concentration is a primary discriminating factor. The best performers were less likely to be distracted by irrelevant stimuli or to succumb to worry and outcome-oriented thoughts. Read on >>

How to Train Optimally…and Become a Maximum Climber The pursuit of maximum climbing—whether you define it as realizing your climbing potential or maximizing your climbing experience—requires a long-term, disciplined effort to train optimally. Read on >>

The Best Training Program EVER! While many climbers simply improvise their workouts (some like a musician who plays all the wrong notes), effective training for climbing demands that you embark on an intelligent, science-based program. Here’s a 15-week periodization program that works!Read on >>

Training with Long-Duration Isometrics In this article I’m going to outline one such smart-training strategy that you can employ to target common physical constraints. Read on >>

Using Process Feedback to Elevate Performance Learn how to use proprioceptive feedback to climb more effectively. Read on >>

Do the Twist! How backstepping and the twist-lock can improve your climbing economy. Read on >>

Keep Your Cool! Learn 3 strategies for controlling your physical & emotional states on a maximum climb. Read on >>

How to Climb More Efficiently Climbing harder takes more than getting stronger--more important, you need to learn to climb with more poise, efficiency, and aplomb. Read on >>

3 Exercises for a Crushing Grip As a climbing coach of more than two decades, one of the most common questions I’m asked is “how to train for greater grip strength.” Read on >>

A Power Principle for Developing Excellent Technique and Movement Skills A key principle for effective skill development and motor learning is that you must strive to achieve near-perfection of specific skills and techniques, and not be satisfied to just “get by” at them. Read on >>

Breaking a Performance Plateau - Part #1 This is the first in a three-part series outlining strategies for breaking through a performance plateau. Read on >> | Read Part #2 | Read Part #3

Top 5 Finger Strength Training Exercises I’m often asked to provide a list of the best exercises for training finger (grip) strength. While there are dozens of different exercises... Read on >>

Training for Youth Climbers - Part #2 This is the second in a two-part series on age-appropriate training for youth climbers. The focus here is on injury prevent during the pubescent growth spurt. Read on >>


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Do's and Don'ts for Effective Redpoint Climbing Here are 10 do's and don’ts to working—and succeeding—on your projects! Read on >>

Fingerboard Training - Part #4 This is the fourth in a four-part series on fingerboard training! Learn how to train strength and endurance on a hangboard. Read on >>

Finding Your Path in the Climbing World There are as many different paths to take in climbing as there are climbers, so why proceed down a path already traveled? Master climbers, both famous and anonymous, all establish their own path--and I hope you will, too! Read on >>

Motivation & Performance: How to Elevate Both! There are actually myriad reasons why we do the things we do. Motivation can come from many places... Read on >>

Challenging Yourself for Long-term Improvement Climbing is an extraordinarily complex activity with motor and cognitive skills that take a decade or more to learn. The key to... Read on >>

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