In the Fall of 2003, a comprehensive guidebook to Bubba City was published. The guide details over 65 new sport climbs not featured in any other New River Gorge guidebook, as well as countless anchor upgrades and a new trail system.

Since the publication of this guide, the newly found Tattoo Wall has been opened and over 25 additional sport routes have been established. Furthermore, a new trail has been sussed out to provide easier access to this far downstream portion of Bubba City. Follow the link below to download a FREE addendum to the Bubba City guide, including a route topo to the Tattoo Wall. If you don't already own a copy of the BC guide, you'll want to pick up a copy since the guide is needed to make this Addendum and Tattoo Wall topo fully usable.

Download Bubba City Addendum

For best results, print double-sided on 8.5x11 paper. Updated on 5/12/04.

NOTE: If you download this BC Addendum, please also buy a copy of the Bubba City guide to show your support of the anchor replacement program (and other climbing related projects). You can purchase the guide from this site or from Water Stone Outdoors in Fayetteville.

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