Want to scope out a few cool-looking routes for your next trip to the New? Following is a "photo tour" of some of Bubba City's more popular lines. Note that many of these climbs are new since the publication of the Thompson and Cater guides. Please pick up the new Bubba City Climbers' Guide for comprehensive beta on these routes.

Butterfly Flake 7

Daisy Cutter 7

Gilded Otter 7
Czech Vacation 8
Geisha Girl 8
She Rides 9
Pyro Vixen 10a
Let Them Eat Pancake 10b
Immaculate Combustion    10c
1. St. Pauli Girl 10c
2. St. Pauli Girl 10c
Witches of Bangor 10c
Bubbaweiser 10d
Lieback and Enjoy It 10d
Raging Tiger 10d
Face It Bubba 11a
1. G-String 11a
2. G-String 11a
Look Who's Pulling 11a
1. Sheer Energy 11a ('87)
2. Sheer Energy 11a ('02)
3. Sheer Energy 11a
Tongulation 11a
Exobubba 11b
The Golden Escalator 11b
My Sister Makes Cluster    Bombs 11b
Shear Strength 11b
Skinhead Grin 11b
1. Stellar Idea 11b
2. Stellar Idea 11b
Bikini Line 11c
Leaping Lizards 11c
Michelin Man Direct 11d
Likmé ('88) 12a
Likmé 12a
Vivre l'Amour 12a
Michelin Man Original 12b
Jesus Wept 12d
Pure Power 13a
Logotherapy 13a/b
1. Diamond Life 13b ('87)
2. Diamond Life 13b ('02)

Huffing it down "Appliance Alley", the new approach to the downstream end of Bubba City (including the Tattoo Wall). Photo by Eric McCallister.

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